HEADS UP: Major CAM performance regression

Scott Long scottl at samsco.org
Fri Feb 13 13:02:50 PST 2009

Ivan Voras wrote:
> Scott Long wrote:
>> I have committed a fix for this problem for FreeBSD 8-CURRENT as of SVN
>> revision 188570. FreeBSD 7-STABLE will be updated with the fix in a few
>> days once I've gotten confirmation that the fix works and doesn't cause
>> any adverse side-effects.  Anyone wanting to help in this validation
>> effort should apply the attached patch to their kernel source tree and
>> recompile.  Please contact me directly by email to report if the problem
>> is fixed for you.
> I notice that write performance on an ESXi 3.5 hosted system is doubled,
> but read performance remains the same (in bonnie++).
> On a CISS system there is no significant change.

bonnie is an unreliable tool for measuring performance.


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