patch: let msdosfs(vfat)/ntfs to support UTF-8 locale well

Gleb Kurtsou gleb.kurtsou at
Thu Feb 12 10:37:48 PST 2009

On (10/02/2009 17:12), 裴国兴 wrote:
> I write a patch to support UTF-8 locale well. I think it maybe help
> for some FreeBSD user.
> follow link is the patch (base on FreeBSD 7.1):
> the full tar.bz2 package:
> I also will patch for ntfs driver
> The Chinese characters in the fat32 partition can be displayed correctly now.
> when mount windows partitions, you should do like this:
> mount_ntfs -C UTF-8 /dev/ad?s? /path/to/mount
> mount_msdosfs -L zh_CN.UTF-8 /dev/ad?s? /path/to/mount

I've also looked at it recently but my idea was to update kiconv to
handle ucs-2 (or whatever it is) -> utf-8 conversion in kernel. kiconv
supports different translation methods. Current implementation just
creates a table for ucs2->utf-8 conversion and passes it too kernel. It
seems it can't even handle all of unicode chars.
Fixing kiconv would be a better solution, imho.

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