System Freeze when custom kernel is compiled

Odhiambo Washington odhiambo at
Sun Feb 8 11:35:24 PST 2009


I have installed -CURRENT inside VMware and I am trying to compile a custom
kernel to play with. Basically, I've just added a few things - IPSEC,
Atheros wireless adapter support and IPFILTER and PF.
Kernel compiles successfully, but when I reboot, the system does not go
beyond the point where it brings the status of the network interface up.I
have had to kill the system and boot the GENERIC kernel, which boots okay.

I have put my kernel config file and dmesg.boot at

I have commented out some of the stuff I'd have wanted, but still no go!
Well, I still have from "device gre all the way to device ef" and two wlan_*
lines, IPFILTER and ALTQ stuff that I am not willing to comment out, as
those will make my intentions for the testing to be negated.

Is it possible I am being over-ambitious with my kernel file? Or is it
VMWare failing me? I've run 7.x inside VMWare quite successfully, so I hoped
-CURRENT woud too, but yes, I know it is -CURRENT;-)

It would be nice for me to test stuff under -CURRENT, yes?

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