CFT: Graphics support for /boot/loader

Matt Dawson matt at
Sun Feb 8 02:01:14 PST 2009

On Saturday 07 February 2009 18:59:43 Oliver Fromme wrote:
> In fact I have prepared a theme with beastie; here's
> a screen shot (preliminary):

Perfect. Clean, logical, concise, the three words I associate above all with 
FreeBSD. I would change all machines' loaders to this in a heartbeat, although 
others may have different ideas, which is where the space hopper comes in, I 
suppose. Nothing against the horned ball and your variant of the new graphics 
looks very neat and clean, but I'm used to having Beastie around. For some 
reason, this strikes the correct balance for me between nice graphics and too 
much "bling." My personal tastes only, naturally.

<crawl> That screenshot looks very professional. Well done, Oliver. Any chance 
of rolling another tarball with that theme for we traditionalists? Please? 

Best regards,
Matt Dawson
matt at

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