iwi broken? reproducible crash :(

L Campbell llc2w at virginia.edu
Fri Feb 6 14:03:10 PST 2009

On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 3:54 PM, Szilveszter Adam <sziszi at bsd.hu> wrote:
> While this is not much more than an anecdotal report, it is as good a
> datapoint as any: my system (ThinkPad R50e) has no problems with iwi(4)

A quick Google hints that the R50e also has a 2200BG adapter -- I was
half hoping that it was a different card so I could write it off.

> I am happy to share configs/logs/experience with this adapter.

Since you're offering -- back on 7.x I had all kinds of problem with
the adapter: I had to double the send/recvbuf_max and had to disable
bgscan, otherwise the connection would die after ~6-12 hours,
depending on usage. Did you ever have similar issues, or is something
wonky with my machine?

I'll see if I can't grab some more hardware to test with to rule out
hardware failure or a broken install on my part.

As always, further suggestions and ideas are welcome :3

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