CFT: Graphics support for /boot/loader

Skip Ford skip at
Fri Feb 6 03:28:24 PST 2009

Skip Ford wrote:
> Oliver Fromme wrote:
> > Julian Elischer wrote:
> >  > BTW most of these things seem to have <ESC> drop out of
> >  > graphics mode..
> >  > do you have something like that?
> >  > (or maybe <ESC> should go to loader prompt...?)
> > 
> > Good question.  The screen layout isn't final, of course,
> > and I'm open to suggestions.  (Also, there will be a short
> > descriptive text for the countdown and how to pause it.)
> > 
> > I think it might make sense to provide an additional action
> > using the <Esc> key that leaves graphics mode and displays
> > the old text menu instead.
> What about F8?  That's what I'd guess a majority of people would
> instinctively reach for to get to a boot menu.

Ok, scratch that idea.  Windows uses F8 to stop an automatic boot, not
really to drop to a text menu from a graphics menu.  We can press any key
to stop an automatic boot already, so F8 could be used to halt an
automatic boot and jump straight to a boot menu, but that has nothing
to do with this graphical boot menu.  It could even jump to the graphical
boot menu, not necessarily text.  Windows just happens to not have a
graphical menu.


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