USB2 - libusb20 vs devel/libusb

Vladimir Grebenschikov vova at
Wed Feb 4 00:06:30 PST 2009


I've tried libusb, looks like it works more or less.

What is the right policy about libusb* libraries ?

I have security/libfprint (finger-print reader that uses ugen device)
that stop working after upgrade. 

Following entry in /etc/libmap.conf make it works somehow

It allows library to access usb device, but pam authentication with it
still does not work ( looks like it reads fingerprint correctly, but
fails later ).

What is right way to handle that situation ?
Is there universal library, that will work for both stacks ?

PS. I didn't try yet libgphoto2 (it also uses ugen directly).

Vladimir B. Grebenschikov
vova at

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