network problems

Li, Qing at
Wed Aug 19 18:08:16 UTC 2009

>> Qing,
>> yes, disabling the flowtable (sysctl net.inet.flowtable.enable=0)  
>> fix the problem (no more IPv4 is not on the network). But here,  
>> everything is working fine, even with that annoying message (no  
>> crashes).
> My network is also working fine, but it crashes when I ping the  
> endpoint of the tunnel interface.

When you say your network is working fine, do you actually mean traffic
flows across the tunnel ?

> When I turn flowtable off it does not crash but I get no ping reply  
> back.

Okay, so there is probably another bug lurking somewhere. I am 
traveling right now and will dig into it once I get back at the
end of this week, if someone else hasn't already fixed it by then.

-- Qing

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