latest 8.0-BETA2 lost my zfs

Danny Braniss danny at
Wed Aug 19 10:08:02 UTC 2009

> I've been running 8-CURRENT (i.e. BETA2 now) all the time since May  
> with the same problem starting 2 days ago as of today, so it can't be  
> cross-compiling.
> However, Pawel says he's solved the issue and is waiting for re@ to  
> approve the fix:

maybe there is more than one problem? In my case, compiling outside the
src directory resulted in a working libnvpair - and yes, i also compiled
it under 7.2 and it too worked! 
failes:	zpool import
works:	env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/myhomedir/cddl/lib/libnvpair zpool import

go figure

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