rc(8) regression. What's the story?

Kamigishi Rei spambox at haruhiism.net
Mon Aug 17 02:40:30 UTC 2009

Marcel Moolenaar wrote:
>>> bge1: link state changed to DOWN
>>> Mounting NFS file systems:mount_nfs: nfs: hostname nor servname 
>>> provided, or not known
>>> bge0: link state changed to UP
>> Only now is the interface capable of forwarding packets.
> Which means that dhclient is only now able to obtain a
> network address.
> I don't see it on all machines, even though they use DHCP.
> I think the problem relates to how long it takes for the
> (primary) interface to become up.
This happens for me with some interfaces (namely, bge and em) as well; 
media state is detected with a slight delay and therefore by the time 
ntpdate is started we don't have an IP address yet.

Kamigishi Rei

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