run interrupt driven hooks: still waiting for xpt_config

Marc UBM ubm.freebsd at
Fri Aug 14 15:38:07 UTC 2009

On Fri, 14 Aug 2009 15:18:26 +0200
Marc "UBM" Bocklet <ubm.freebsd at> wrote:

> > > xpt_config basically means that you're waiting on a device driver
> > > attached to CAM to finish probing, which could point at a number
> > > of potential problem sources (including things like interrupt
> > > routing problems).  At least in the 7.x line, I've seen firewire
> > > and USB at various times cause this issue.  It might be
> > > interesting to compile down to the smallest set of cam-related
> > > drivers required to support necessary hardware (omit firewire,
> > > for example) and see if you see any improvement.  Pinning it down
> > > to a specific driver would have significant debugging value :-).
> > 
> > Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I'll be on holiday for one week
> > starting tomorrow, I'll try narrowing it down as soon as I'm
> > back :-)
> I just made sure that the problem still exists with a freshly csupped
> -current (unfortunately, it does), I'll try removing possible culprits
> from my kernel next.

I've removed all scsi drivers (except those necessary for hptrr to
work), usb and firewire from my kernel config (attached). Still no
difference, so this really seems to point to a problem in the hptrr
driver (possibly made visible by the ata overhaul?).

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