nfe problem on 8.0-BETA2

Ryan Rogers webmaster at
Fri Aug 14 02:57:24 UTC 2009

Pyun YongHyeon wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 03:26:43PM -0700, Ryan Rogers wrote:
>> Weongyo Jeong wrote:
>>> On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 05:26:07AM -0500, Sam Fourman Jr. wrote:
>>>>> svn co svn://
>>>>> svn merge -c -193289
>>>>> Thereafter, in the root of the repo:
>>>>> svn up
>>>>> svn merge
>>>> Confirmed, running the above set of commands fixed my 88E1116 nfe problem
>>>> everything works as it should now. thanks guys for the help.
>>>> Sam Fourman Jr.
>>>> ps. svn was WAY faster than csup, I think I am going to use svn all
>>>> the time now.
>>> I know that yongari@ knows what the problem is and the solution but he
>>> could not access the internet right now due to relocation to USA.
>>> It looks he is busy with looking for house and etc...
>>> regards,
>>> Weongyo Jeong
>> Well, the good news is that r193289 was the only thing keeping my nics 
>> from working.  I was able to update to current as of today and revert 
>> that patch, and everything is working nicely now.  So I'll just keep my 
>> eye on the commit logs and patch that up by hand whenever I need to 
>> update until yongari is able to get situated.
> Would you try attached patch and let me know how it goes on your
> box?
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The patch works great, thanks!

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