packet forwarding/firewall performance question

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Aug 13 23:58:00 UTC 2009


On Aug 13, 2009, at 2:25 PM, Tom Uffner wrote:
> it is an 800 MHz VIA c3 with a Gigabit switch on the inside interface
> and 20 Mbs symetric Fios on the outside. both interfaces are 100 Mbs.

I'd done a bit of testing of a VIA EPIA C3 (either a 600 or 800) with  
the on-board vr0 and an Intel fxp card, and it seemed to go OK up to ~  
8MB/s aka ~65 megabits/sec with a fairly short IPFW-based firewall  
doing NAT and suchlike.

It's probably OK for your purpose, but the EPIA motherboard I had was  
somewhat flaky.  I'd had the vr0 interface get wedged every few days,  
and trying to use both ATA channels in an UDMA mode tended to result  
in a total system hang; using only one ATA device, UDMA-100 was fine.   
I never ended up putting the box into a production use as a  
consequence.  I've had better luck with something like the Soerkris  
480x ...


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