[Fwd: How To Recover From Missing /lib/libc.so.7?]

Drew Tomlinson drew at mykitchentable.net
Fri Aug 7 23:18:37 UTC 2009

Ed Schouten wrote:
> * Ed Schouten <ed at 80386.nl> wrote:
>> * Chris Ruiz <yr.retarded at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> You must specify NO_FSCHG= when you installworld on an unupgraded ZFS
>>> filesystem, otherwise you will lose libc.so.7!  I'll spare you the
>>> details on why this happens.
>> Which is because our install(1) is stupid enough to delete the resulting
>> binary if it can't add the schg flag. We should really change this
>> behaviour.
> It looks like there are actually two bugs:
> - install(1) does check for EOPNOTSUPP, while ZFS seems to return
>   EINVAL. This is probably a ZFS bug.
> - Inside jails, (un)setting schg is not permitted and returns EPERM. We
>   should change the VFS to return EOPNOTSUPP or install(1) to allow
>   EPERM as well.
> It's a bit late, but I think it would be nice to have this fixed before
> 8.0.

I guess this answers my previous question regarding if the NO_FSCHG= is



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