Any further progresss on Nvidia SATA?

Conrad J. Sabatier conrads at
Tue Apr 28 21:51:51 UTC 2009

I have't checked any of the more recent FreeBSD snapsots, but am just
wondering if any further progress has been made on the functionality of
the Nvidia SATA controller under AMD64.

My last attempt to apply the patches Soren sent me did recognize both the controller and hard drive, but still no CD/DVD-ROM functionality.

Also, why are the snapshots on the main FreeBSD server so out of date?  Last I looked, the most recent was from Februrary 2009.

Been making do with Ubuntu Linux, but...I miss my FreeBSD!!!!

Please, anyone out there, could you offer some guidance or suggetions or more recent patches, so I can get back up and running with my Favorite OS of ALL TIME (tm)?

Thank you!

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