panic when disconnecting cdce device just before powering off PC

Matthias Apitz guru at
Mon Apr 20 13:33:31 UTC 2009

El día Sunday, April 19, 2009 a las 12:42:03AM +0100, Bruce Cran escribió:

> I'm running a fairly recent -current and got a panic when shutting
> down.  I'd pressed the power button on my GTA02 and at about the same
> time had pressed the power button on my PC too.  It seems the GTA02
> CDCE device powered off first, just before FreeBSD was going to power
> off:
> ...

Hi Bruce,

I can't comment on your panic... But, I have a GTA02 as well. How do you
get the interface 'ue0' created and assign IP to it on USB plug-in?
Any script to share?

I'm still working on a better devd-hook, but I'm attaching a first
working version to be placed in /usr/local/etc/devd;



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# host:
# When the FR is attached on USB we have to assign IP ...
# <guru at>, April 2009
attach 1 {
	match "vendor"		"0x1457";
	match "product"		"0x5122";
	action "/usr/local/etc/devd/ $device-name";

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