ACPI irq routing problems on Averatec 5428hx

Donn Miller hackr_d at
Sat Oct 1 22:57:55 PDT 2005

Now, I think the answer might be to ditch the Averatec. But, anyways,
if I don't disable ACPI on boot, I get a lot of errors like:

device]: couldn't map interrupt
device_attach: [device] attach returned 6

Attached is a non-verbose and a verbose dmesg output from a -current
build within a week or so.  I've been having this problems for quite a
while.  If I disable ACPI, everything works, but I can't use the cpu
frequency scaling feature, and the fans run like crazy.

Verbose dmesg -> dmesg_v.out
non-Verbose dmesg -> dmesg_n.out

I have the same issues with Linux, but I usually can get around this by
passing the "acpi=noirq" flag to the kernel to enable ACPI but to
disable acpi for irq routing.  Can I do this with FreeBSD?  I think the
bios in this laptop is crap.



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