Benchmark: NetBSD 2.0 beats FreeBSD 5.3

Robert Ryan rustyryan882000 at
Thu Jan 6 03:57:28 PST 2005

Fellow FreeBSD developers,

I hate to say I told you but it was inevitable.

Check this out:

As I predicted more than a year ago FreeBSD 5.3 has
finally lost its only advantage: performance. NetBSD
2.0 shows that when you write code the right way and
end up with SOLUTIONS AND NOT HACKS you have a system
that works, and works well on all platforms.

This is the consequence of a series of mistakes made
by the FreeBSD developers, the most important being
too arrogant and selfish to listen to Matt Dillon, the
man that warned you all about this. What did he get
in return? An expulsion from your gentlemen club.

Poul-Henning Kamp has been using FreeBSD to push his
personal agenda, with completely useless features such
as GEOM and devfs, instead of concentrating on the
problem. The fact that your heavily mutexed system
doesn't work and never will.

Jeff Roberson's ULE is still broken but don't worry,
Matt Dillon will be hacking a much better scheduler
for DragonFly that you can later borrow.

Mike Smith warned you about committee-designed code
years ago, why don't you listen? Why do you insist on
this arrogant pose and on treating potential 
contributors like pariahs?

Why do you tolerate assholes like Dag-Erling and

I hope you can learn something from the NetBSD people
before it's too late for FreeBSD. They managed to do
much more with less resources. You should feel ashamed
of yourselves.


PS: if I've offended anyone (yeah, I singled a few
, prove me wrong, but spare me your insultedness. 
It's become a pathetic hobby in -core.

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