no echo console

Randy Bush randy at
Mon Oct 18 14:40:05 PDT 2004

> So first I'm wondering how this can have anything to do with my changes

i never meant to assert that it did.  it's just that you give
refunds :-)

> I'm wondering if there is a bug in portupgrade which tcsh covers for
> us which we ought to look at as well.

i don't know.

i have thought of one thing.  id do hack termcap

/usr/share/misc# diff -u termcap.FCS termcap
--- termcap.FCS Fri Oct 15 23:13:46 2004
+++ termcap     Fri Oct 15 23:13:47 2004
@@ -299,7 +299,7 @@
 adm3|3|lsi adm3:\
 xterm|xterm-color|X11 terminal emulator:\
-       :ti@:te@:tc=xterm-xfree86:
+       :tc=xterm-xfree86:
 # This file describes capabilities of various terminals, as needed by


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