ACPI related panic on early boot

Ketrien I. Saihr-Kenchedra ketrien at
Sat Nov 27 01:33:09 PST 2004

On Sat, 27 Nov 2004, Divacky Roman wrote:

> Hi,
> after jhb at -s commits to acpi I am getting this panic early on boot, its
> handwritten so there might be mistakes.
> I have acpi as a module, and the panic seems to occur after probing fdc wihle I
> have no fdc attached. I can provide any info you ask for...

I've seen the same trace in a non-fatal LOR with my pcn(4) MPSAFE patches. Had 
absolutely no luck reproducing it, so I ended up writing it off as a one-time
thing. (The same system has rebooted, same kernel, no changes, LOR has not 
reoccured.) Only thing I can think of that's different is possibly my ACPI tree
here; acpi.c 1.193, acpi_pcib.c 1.51, pcib_pci.c 1.10, pci_link.c 1.33. I tried
reproducing again just a few minutes ago, still nothing.

-Ketrien I. Saihr-Kenchedra
Ozzy (Today at 2:52:32AM) -- Ahaha. I quote: "Perhaps I mentioned the
experience of SWMBO with Sun's internal support who, upon seeing a request
from her that ssh be installed on her machine, replied that there were
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