serious networking (em) performance (ggate and NFS) problem

M. Warner Losh imp at
Thu Nov 18 08:54:51 PST 2004

In message: <Pine.NEB.3.96L.1041118121834.66045B-100000 at>
            Robert Watson <rwatson at> writes:
: (1) I'd first off check that there wasn't a serious interrupt problem on
:     the box, which is often triggered by ACPI problems.  Get the box to be
:     as idle as possible, and then use vmstat -i or stat -vmstat to see if
:     anything is spewing interrupts. 

Also, make sure that you aren't sharing interrupts between
GIANT-LOCKED and non-giant-locked cards.  This might be exposing bugs
in the network layer that debug.mpsafenet=0 might correct.  Just
noticed that our setup here has that setup, so I'll be looking into
that area of things.


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