CVS / cvsup problems

Daniel Eriksson daniel_k_eriksson at
Wed Nov 17 09:33:49 PST 2004

Ruslan Ermilov wrote:

> Ah, I see now.  CVS meisters did a repo-surgery and removed the
> contents of /home/ncvs/src/sys/fs/autofs/ completely.  What this
> means is that checkouts with -D2004/11/07 won't produce files
> that were present at that point in the past.  More precisely,
> this means that builds using HEAD sources from day one when
> autofs was connected to the build (2004/09/02) and up to
> 2004/11/10 are now broken, FWIW.

That sucks bit, especially since I feel the need to back down to
2004. due to stability concerns. I guess it's time to learn
more about the build magic so I can get this working myself...

/Daniel Eriksson

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