[TEST] make -j patch

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Tue Nov 16 13:46:10 PST 2004

In message <20041116120515.J13866 at carver.gumbysoft.com>, Doug White writes:
>On Thu, 11 Nov 2004, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>> This patch makes the '-j' argument to make(1) become a global limit
>> on number of jobs launched for all submakes in the build.
>> Today a "make -j 12" may start many more than 12 jobs because each
>> submake interprets the 12 without reference to other makes.
>Ah, this is the thing I've noticed with the rescue build where it create
>-j^2 jobs. :)

-j^(depth of directories) actually, but that is even worse.

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