FreeBSD 6.0 and onwards

Ollivier Robert roberto at
Wed Nov 10 04:01:01 PST 2004

According to Peter Jeremy:
> What facilities are there to replicate the repository (ala CVSup or
> CTM)?  Publishing the repository is all very nice but doesn't help
> someone who wants off-line access.

There are several to achieve that but remember first that Arch being a
distributed system, there are several repositories, all equal.  The need
that we have to have a blessed one (for integration, release, and so on)
would be represented by a special archive (hosted on repoman) managed by

> Can it manage renaming files/directories?

Yes.  It even records permissions changes.

> How does it handle 3-way merging?


> Does it support merging branches back into the mainline without
> duplicating the branch content?


> What advantages does it have over CVS and/or Perforce?

Dsitributed meaning that anyone can branch out of any archive and work even
on a laptop on a plane, committing to that archive and merge afterwards
with another archive for "publication".

> How would you like to provide some real results of running GNU Arch
> against the FreeBSD CVS repository:
> - time to convert the FreeBSD CVS respository into an Arch repository.
> - size of the resultant Arch repository.
> - time to checkout HEAD src
> - time to checkout RELENG_3 src
> - amount of metadata associated with the above checkouts
> - time to tag "src" or "ports" (eg for a release)
> - time to checkin a 1 or 2 line change in one file
> - time to checkin a large change (various changes in say 50 files).

This is tremendous work as Arch and CVS don't manage modules the same way
and I don't have time to do such benchmarking :(
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