5.3-RELEASE: WARNING - WRITE_DMA interrupt timout - what does it mean?

Mike Tancsa mike at sentex.net
Tue Nov 9 18:37:02 PST 2004

At 06:01 PM 09/11/2004, Zoltan Frombach wrote:
>I just upgraded to 5.3-RELEASE a few days ago. This morning this line got 
>into my system log file:
>Nov  9 06:14:03 www kernel: ad0: WARNING - WRITE_DMA interrupt was seen 
>but timeout fired LBA=2491143
>I've never seen this message before. Can someone please explain what it 
>means? With Thanks,


A useful set of utils if your HD and BIOS support it (most do these days) 
is in

It can tell you all sorts of info about your HD and might shed some light 
on the problems you are having.


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