FreeBSD 6.0 and onwards

Richard Bejtlich taosecurity at
Fri Nov 5 20:08:35 PST 2004

Scott Long wrote:

So the current plan is to branch RELENG_6 (aka 6-STABLE) sometime
around May or June 2005. That will begin a 1-3 month freeze and
stabilization process for the 6.0 release. After that is released, we
will do 6.1, 6.2 and onwards at likely 4 month intervals. In May/June
2006 we'll look at doing RELENG_7, or we might wait until Nov/Dec 2006
(12 months vs 18 months). The 5.4 release will likely be in Feb/March
2005, with a 5.5 release possibly in June/July, depending on where 6.0
is. There may be 5.x releases after 6.0 if 6.0 turns out to not be as
stable as needed (as is often the case with and .0 release).


Hi Scott,

I like the idea of time-oriented vs. feature-oriented releases,
especially for planning projects.  This reminds me of the OpenBSD
6-month schedule.

I may be a little confused by your description of 6.0.  Do you mean to
have 6.0 itself assume the STABLE title, and not a later 6.x version
like 6.1, 6.2, or even 6.3?  As you know 5.0 appeared in January 2003
but we are just now making 5.3 be STABLE.

Looking at it seems the 4.x tree has had
almost a five year run, and 5.x nearly 3 years.  Only now however is
5.3 becoming a version more people will run on production systems,
thanks to the STABLE title.  If 6.0 is truly going to be STABLE by
this time next year, I wouldn't be surprised if people skip future 5.x
releases until 6.0 arrives.

Maybe 5.x should hold the STABLE title a little longer than you predict?

Just a few thoughts from a satisfied FreeBSD user.

Thank you,


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