copying a superblock (more running-with-scissors)

David Gilbert dgilbert at
Wed Nov 3 09:10:13 PST 2004

OK.  So the bad filesystem I have ... where roughly the first 200k is 
bad (0's at this point as I've used recoverdisk and those blocks are 
unreadable on the origional disk).  fsck can start on things using the 
-b option, but as I said before I end up with an empty filesystem as 
fsck can't create a lost+found directory.

So the suggestion was to try dump.  Cool.  I understand.  Problem so far 
with dump is that it can't find a superblock (not too surprising) and it 
doesn't have an option to use an alternate superblock.

What I suspect we have here is the first 200k of disk are 0's ... which 
(I think) contains inode 1 and junk that goes with that.

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