[FreeBSD 5.3-RC2] Processes STILL hanging in unkillable state

Jason Harmening gte990t at mail.gatech.edu
Tue Nov 2 08:26:23 PST 2004

On Tuesday 02 November 2004 09:00, you wrote:
> Jason Harmening wrote:
> > I just upgraded to 5.3-RC2, and I'm still running into the problem where
> > processes will hang in an unkillable state.  In particular, this happens
> > for me with OpenOffice under a heavy load.   'ps' reports the state as
> > 'TL' and 'top' reports the state as STOP.  Neither kill -CONT nor kill
> > -KILL will work.
> Same here. With OpenOffice and Java under high load.

Yes--I forgot to mention it, but my OpenOffice problems have all seemed to 
happen at the same time I have some instance of the JVM (native 1.4.2) 
running.  OpenOffice will start up, reach almost the end of its splash 
screen, and then simply hang in an unkillable state.  This has a very 
sinister side effect in that, when the system does its daily security run 
(I'm also assuming it tries to clean up useless processes), and there's such 
an "unkillable" process, the entire system will hang.  It's not an abrupt 
freeze, but it's a gradual "bogging down" that ultimately requires a hard 
reset.  The same thing happens during a shutdown/reboot with an unkillable 
process, but luckily the system manages to sync the disk before hanging.

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