HEADSUP: Filesystem rototiling over

Joan Picanyol lists-freebsd-current at biaix.org
Tue Nov 2 13:55:43 PST 2004

* Jeremie Le Hen <jeremie at le-hen.org> [20041102 22:00]:
> The following patch nullifies the previous one, since it does not
> require to add the -c option to mount(8)/umount(8).
> It adds two variables to default/rc.conf :
>     jail_example_mount_enable="NO"
>     jail_example_fstab=""
> When the first one is made true, then rc.d/jail will mount (resp.
> umount) the filesystems described in the file pointed by the second
> one when the jail will be started (resp. stopped).  If the second one
> is left empty, then it will default to "/etc/fstab.${jail}".

Nice :)

> PS:  Once the patch has been successfuly tested by either me or someone
> else, should I send a PR ?

Of course, and make sure someone commits it someday...


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