-RC2 needs BootMngr to control certail partition layout

Patrick Tracanelli eksffa at freebsdbrasil.com.br
Mon Nov 1 08:09:54 PST 2004

I've noted a courious behaviour w/ standard boot code. I've just 
installed, as usual, a "real life" testing enviroment, the partition 
layout is disposed this way:

/dev/ad0s1b     none
/dev/ad0s2b     none
/dev/ad0s1a     /
/dev/ad0s1d     /tmp
/dev/ad0s1e     /usr
/dev/ad0s2d     /usr/home
/dev/ad0s1f     /var
/dev/ad0s1g     /var/qmail
/dev/ad0s2e     /usr/local/vpopmail

If I install the standard boot code via sysinstall the first reboot 
after installation does not boot the system. It shows up a "invalid 
partition table" message and stops.

Have reinstalled the standard boot after the reinstallation via CDROM 
(Custom, Partitions, (S)et the 2 primary partition Active and (W)rite 
information do disk. If I once again install the standard boot, the 
behaviour repeats on the next boot, "invalid partition table". But with 
Boot Manager even seting only the first primary partition active, 
everything works fine after pressing F1 on BootMngr.

So, this layout needs BootMngr, even the system being a single-boot one.

Any output would help?


Patrick Tracanelli

FreeBSD Brasil LTDA.
The FreeBSD pt_BR Documentation Project
patrick @ freebsdbrasil.com.br
"Long live Hanin Elias, Kim Deal!"

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