PGP headers

Bruce M Simpson bms at
Sun Jul 4 13:43:46 PDT 2004


On Sun, Jul 04, 2004 at 09:23:09PM +0100, n0g0013 wrote:
> what is the story with PGP signatures these days?  last i
> investigated there was a multi-part mime format that was meant
> to be standard and nobody used (except mutt, which i use).
> does anyone use that format or is it all inline now?  mutt
> won't recognise the inline format as signed (and consequently
> won't verify the content).

I use procmail filter rules which handle this.
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# Add a "Content-Type: application/pgp" header so Mutt will know the
# mail is encrypted.
* !^Content-Type: message/
* !^Content-Type: multipart/
* !^Content-Type: application/pgp
    :0 fBw
    * ^.*-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----
    * ^.*-----END PGP MESSAGE-----
    | formail -i "Content-Type: application/pgp; format=text; x-action=encrypt"

    :0 fBw
    * ^.*-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----
    * ^.*-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----
    * ^.*-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
    | formail -i "Content-Type: application/pgp; format=text; x-action=sign"

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