rpc.lockd resource starvation

Eric van Gyzen vangyzen at stat.duke.edu
Thu Jan 15 12:16:05 PST 2004

I'm running 5.1-RELEASE on my NFS server and my ~50 NFS clients.  Over a 
period of a few weeks, the rpc.lockd daemon on the NFS server will consume 
all the privileged udp ports and start using high-numbered ports.  With no 
available privileged udp ports, the server is unable to mount NFS shares from 
other machines.  (There are probably several other unfortunate consequences 
of which I am not yet aware...)  Is this behavior expected from rpc.lockd,
or might it be a bug (or just me breaking my systems again)?


Eric van Gyzen                        Sr. Systems Programmer
http://www.stat.duke.edu/~vangyzen/   ISDS, Duke University

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