Signal 6's with ruby apps such as portupgrade and pkg

Edwin Culp edwinlculp at
Mon Jan 12 07:18:40 PST 2004

I'm seeing signal 6's  with ruby apps such as pkgdb
and portupgrade also with gaim-0.75, mkisofs.  I'm
seeing signal 11's with kdm.  This is with today's
world and kernel.  I also got a signal 15 on syslogd
but I was able to start it without a problem after the
machine came up to multiuser.  

Is anyone else seeing this or have an idea what might
have started it.  I'm not able to find a common
denominator.  I rebuilt all the ruby apps,
portupgrade, etc.  I've run mergemaster.  Maybe I have
some old libraries in /usr/lib.  I'm going to check.



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