Future of RAIDFrame

Scott Long scottl at freebsd.org
Sat Jan 10 15:56:42 PST 2004

Scott Long wrote:
> All,
> I started RAIDframe three years ago with the hope of bringing a proven
> and extensible RAID stack to FreeBSD.  Unfortunately, while it was made
> to work pretty well on 4.x, it has never been viable on 5.x; it never
> survived the introduction of GEOM and removal of the old disk layer.
> I'm coming to the conclusion that I really don't have the time to work
> on it in my spare time.  Also, I've seen next to zero interest in it
> from others, except for the occasional reminder that it doesn't work.
> I still believe in it, and I still believe that it can be integrated
> into GEOM and become the all-singing-all-dancing raid engine for the
> OS.  It will probably never be an LVM stack, but I've also always
> believed that LVM and RAID are related but separate layers.  It can
> certainly build upon whatever LVM layer appears in GEOM.  All it needs
> is one or two other people to share some of the work and testing
> with me.
> I have a Work-In-Progress for converting and integrating it into GEOM
> on my home Perforce server.  It hasn't been touched in several months
> and I really don't see myself being able to finish alone it in the near
> future.  Since it's been hanging over my head for so long, I'm very,
> very close to just removing it and moving on.  If anyone has the
> interest AND time available to help out with keeping it, please let
> me know ASAP.
> Scott

I totally forgot that I imported a snapshot of my RF/GEOM changes into
the Perforce server on repoman.freebsd.org back in October.  It
unfortunately doesn't have a full change history, but it should be
enough to see where I was heading.  For those without direct Perforce
access, you can view the diffs here:


Those with Perforce access should look at the 'scottl-rf' branch.


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