5.2-RC oerrs and collisions on dc0

Don Lewis truckman at FreeBSD.org
Sat Jan 3 21:33:41 PST 2004

On  4 Jan, Dejan Lesjak wrote:

> Hello again,
> With this line commented out, I still get both errors and collisions, twice as 
> much collisions as errors. On another occasion, I also added two printf lines 
> in here:
>                         if (txstat & DC_TXSTAT_EXCESSCOLL)
>                                 ifp->if_collisions++;
> 				printf("EXCESSCOLL\n");
>                         if (txstat & DC_TXSTAT_LATECOLL)
>                                 ifp->if_collisions++;
> 				printf("LATECOLL\n");
> and I constantly get both of those, so this would be where counters go up if 
> this helps in any way.

The driver might be less verbose if you added some braces here.

I'm not familiar with this hardware, but I suspect that these two flags
should probably not increment the collision counter.  These are errors
that result in the packet being dropped, so they should count as output
errors.  The hardware collision counter is probably incremented in these
cases, so incrementing if_collisions probably results in these types of
collisions being double counted.

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