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Mon Mar 1 18:50:54 UTC 2010

2010/3/1 Roger <rnodal at>

> (...)
> > Performance under heavy load is another thing linux users probably
> > aren't aware of. (I wasn't!)

> Could you elaborate on this point? If you don't mind. I'm always in the
> hunt for opportunities to learn what others have experienced.
> > It's hard to find a hosting provider that'll do FreeBSD, this I assume
> > is because people aren't asking for it and people aren't asking for it
> > because they probably don't know about it (or why it's good for server
> > level stuff)
> >
> I'm with you on this one. It still puzzles me. Even though I'm not qualify
> yet to provide any theories :)

I thought there was plenty of options for FreeBSD hosting around, given its
popularity. Googling this string makes it spit a lot of results, including

freebsd '(vps|hosting)'

> > Clearly, some "marketing" is needed if we are to have choices in the
> > future about hosting.
> >
> > It's not linux users in particular though, a lot of people who *make the
> > decisions* don't even know what linux is, they just hear a lot of hype
> > about it and figure "everyone else is using linux, so it must be
> > better".
> >
> I agree with you. My boss understand nothing about Linux yet we are using
> it.
> Just to quote my boss. "I don't love Linux but I hate it more that Linux".
> I'm working in a master plan to bring FreeBSD to the light ;). Any tips
> would be welcome :).

Start here:

FreeBSD Advocacy

And there are some enlightening references:

FreeBSD: An Open Source Alternative to Linux

Twenty Years of Berkeley Unix - From AT&T-Owned to Freely Redistributable

FreeBSD Project Administration and Management



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