Max Laier max at
Tue Feb 2 20:19:48 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 02 February 2010 05:18:00 Chuck Robey wrote:
> I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what/where is the best playlist
> driven audio player with a graphical UI ... there's too large a selection
>  (both audio and multimedia dirs) for any reasonable manual search, and
>  since I'm after a good graphical UI for it, I couldn't even construct any
>  sort of automatic search I can think of, the pkg-descr files aren't that
>  reliable.  My audio, which I do via spdif, already works fine (using
>  mplayer so far) so don't give me directions how to *do* it, I'm just
>  looking for a port name which offers me a good interface for playlists,
>  maybe even helping me build playlists (because I've already loaded all my
>  CDs to my disk).
> Thanks.  I'm asking for opinions, so don't hesitate to offer me your own
> favorites, I'll go look at every one suggested, and I'll really appreciate
>  it.

I still love audio/amarok (the pre-KDE4 version), it indexes your collection, 
offers "smart" playlists, and integration.  There is the KDE4 version 
in ports as well, but I think the developers have fallen into a classic 2nd 
system trap when they did the relaunch.


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