Problems With New Audio CD

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Wed Apr 7 17:25:09 UTC 2010

I would go to questions, but I'm not sure it's relevant there so I
thought I'd ask here.

I just received a new, never been unwrapped before I touched it, audio
CD (Santcus Real, Pieces of a Real Heart). I can play it via 'cdcontrol
play' but it won't play in VLC, Audacious won't recognize it, and
Asunder can't rip it (for my fair use copy).

Is this a problem with copy protection? If so, how would I verify that
(I don't think that such information would be printed anywhere). I would
ask how to bypass that, but I fully understand that because it is
illegal (via the DMCA) to bypass any copy protection (even to exercise
fair use rights), that such a question would probably be ignored and not
responded to on list. I understand that, so I would never think of
asking such a question despite rejecting the idea of intellect as
property and also reject that the concept of copying as somehow
depriving the artist of revenue (despite first sale doctrine).

Just an FYI, I do not download torrents of music (owned or otherwise, if
I own it why do I need to torrent it), and this won't change that fact.
It will, however, color future ideas about purchasing from this artist.
Yours In Christ,

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