Death By NetBSD

Frank Mitchell mitchell at
Sat Sep 5 17:03:39 UTC 2009


Recently I installed NetBSD, then found FreeBSD wouldn't start. I had this 
problem before and believed it was due to a bug in the NetBSD Boot Selector, 
which I avoided installing. But this time it looked as if my FreeBSD 
Partition got wiped completely.

Re-trying, it looked like NetBSD spotted the FreeBSD FFSv2 Partition and 
decided to assign it a Mount Point of "/". This is listed if you look 
closely under "NetBSD Disklabel Partitions... last chance to change". I 
edited that Mount Point away and afterwards my (reinstalled) FreeBSD was 
still present.

Hey, I'm glad I keep my Data on a separate Partition. Am I the only guy who 
didn't know about this?

Yours Truly: Frank Mitchell

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