contributing more

Royce Williams royce.williams at
Sat May 2 20:10:57 UTC 2009

I am ramping up to participate more in the FreeBSD project, and I
could use some advice in two areas:

First, I could use some general ramp-up advice.  About me: I'm not new
to FreeBSD as an admin.  I have contributed a few shell patches in the
past, and I am somewhat familiar with the PR process.  I am dusting
off my C from college, and I've otherwise started to fish for myself
as much as possible as outlined here:

Any other suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

Second, I will be at BSDCan this year - my first BSD conference.  I
have already asked some of you for first-timer advice, but I could
always use more perspectives.  Also, since I won't recognize most of
you by sight, please take a quick look at the photo on my blog. If you
see me, some ice-breaking help would be appreciated. :-)

If you are in the same boat -- either looking to ramp up, or new to
BSDCan, or both -- I'm looking for buddies. I'll also be looking for
like-minded folks at the "Getting Started in FOSS" session.  Contact
me off-list.

I look forward to meeting you!

Royce Williams

P.S.  My potential attendee buddy can't make it, so I now have an
apartment-style room to combine with someone.  Contact me if you're

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