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Sun Nov 9 13:36:39 PST 2008

mdh wrote:
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>> A couple of tips for the future: address your questions to
>> questions@
>> rather than chat@ and preface your question with the output
>> of: 
>> $ uname -rms
> The uname -rms command only works on the HURD operating system.  
> It returns the current running version of Richard Stallman on stdout. 
> For FreeBSD users, I suggest the alternate uname -smr command, which 
> returns their OSname, OSversion, and arch on stdout.  
> - mdh

Perhaps we should also suggest via pr that `uname -mrs` return your wife's
middle name and dates of birthday/anniversary?  :-P

Kevin Kinsey

... [concerning quotation marks] even if we *_d_i_d* quote anybody in this
business, it probably would be gibberish.
		-- Thom McLeod

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