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Jason C. Wells jcw at
Tue Nov 4 18:34:24 PST 2008

david mellick wrote:
> A.  is that normal ^^ ?
Sure.  That is just make telling you what it is doing.  If make fails 
with an error it will report "Stop Error Code 1" or somesuch.
> B. I should be able to do --version and get the version right?  no matter what directory I am in? 
If the program has  a --version option and the binary is installed in a 
directory that is listed in $PATH, then yes.  Not all programs have a 
--version option.
> It is telling me command not found so did i not install it properly or do i have to be in a special directory?
> I did  the echo $path command and went to all the listed locations to try and run the --version command to no avail.   
If your path statement doesn't include the directory where valgrind is 
installed, then doing what you have tried will never find valgrind.  
Your path should probably include /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/sbin.  
Try this:

find / -name prog_name

to discover the location of prog_name.  Then see if that directory is in 
your path.

If the binary is installed in the $PATH, then trying to run the program 
from each directory is redundant.  By the way, to run a program from the 
current working directory, you must use the command './prog_name' to be 
sure that you are running the command from the current directory and not 
some other program of the same name in a different directory listed in 
$PATH.  In DOS, the current working directory is searched for programs 
before the $PATH.  Not so in the typical unix shell.

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