FreeBSD's problems as seen by the community

Jonathan Weiss jw at
Sat Jan 12 06:38:36 PST 2008

Robert Watson schrieb:
> I don't 
> know if there are technical solutions to this problem, but if we want to 
> "meet" many of these newer users of BSD, and hence build up the rapport 
> needed to have a productive relationship, we're either going to have to 
> lure them onto the mailing lists, find our way onto web forums, or find 
> some other technical or social means of getting over that difference.

There are several solutions for bridging mailing lists with a web 
interface/forum. Google groups is the most popular one, but there are 
also many other solutions, e.g. the Ruby folks use rforum to integrate 
several Ruby mailing lists with a forum like web interface.

See for examples,
rforum is available at

Jonathan Weiss

Jonathan Weiss

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