strace broken in 7.0?

Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Fri Jan 11 05:22:58 PST 2008

Timo Schoeler <timo.schoeler at> writes:
> Dag-Erling Smørgrav <des at> writes:
> > Those people clearly don't understand the FreeBSD development model.
> So, the FreeBSD development model does neither care in case the tree
> breaks (read: is unbuildable, or in the direction of being unbuildable
> soon, or in the direction of becoming of lesser quality than it was in
> any time before)? I doubt this.

Plurium Interrogationum.  Your question presupposes that FreeBSD is or
will soon be unbuildable and / or that its quality decreases over time.
That is far from the case.  In fact, we have very strong QA mechanisms
in place to ensure that it does not happen.  If you believe otherwise,
you are misinformed, deluded or malicious.

> > This "no interest" bit is completely fundamental.  Code gets written
> > by the people who have an interest in it, either because they need it
> > themselves, or because they find it intellectually satisfying, or
> > because someone donated unsupported hardware, or because someone paid
> > them to do it.
> Setting the last two points you made aside, it's good, but not perfect.
> Code should be written and commited if it's needed. The example of the
> HD sound was bad, see my other mail (later).

OK, very slowly now:

That is not how collaborative open source development works.

How it works is, code gets written by people who have an interest in it.

If the people who have a direct interest in it are unwilling or unable
to write it, their only recourse is to cause someone else to become
interested.  Some people you can simply talk into it, others won't be
interested until you offer money, because writing the code you want them
to write will take time away from writing the code they themselves want
to write.

If you do not understand this, you will be more comfortable using
commercial software.

However, I suspect you will find that commercial software developers are
even *less* responsive to your needs.

I hate to ask this, but: have you actually written any open source code
yourself?  I suspect you haven't, because if you had, you would already
understand this.

> As long as it doesn't break things or causes regressions, I'm fine with
> it. But: Even if it doesn't cause any harm, every snippet of code
> should be taken care of by a person (or a group) that's liable for this
> code. That's a crucial point, IMHO.

No.  You don't get to use the L-word.  The license says so, in capital

If what you really meant was "responsible", see above.  People will only
take responsibility for a piece of code if they have an interest in it.

> [...] I wouldn't be surprised about races on six core machines.

I would.  Very much.

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