Suggestions please for what POP or IMAP servers to use

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Mon Dec 17 09:33:39 PST 2007

"David Schwartz" <davids at> writes:
> More likely, Microsoft was afraid that a portable browser could become the
> platform of the future, making the operating system on longer particularly
> important.

No.  At the time (1995), Microsoft had no clue about what the Internet
was and how important it would become.  That was the year they launched
their own dialup service modeled after AOL, and the year _The Road
Ahead_, in which Bill Gates's ghost writer predicted that MSN would
become the dominant computer network, was released (read the original,
not the later revised edition which papered over the worst blunders).
Microsoft expected to end up in control of client, network and content.
It wasn't until 1996 that they did an about-face and bet, if not the
farm, then at least a barn or two on the Internet.

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