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5 Back To School Tips

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OK, back to this month's Tidbit...

5 Back To School Tips

It's time for back to school. I often wondered about that phrase 
- aren't we as humans always learning and in a way always 
"in school"? Having never left we don't need to "go back"!

That said, these five tips (whose first letters spell RAVES) will 
help students - and parents - make the most of the "official" 
start of school this year:

1. Review. Review homework every day when it's done and give your 
children the opportunity to ask questions. If you don't know an 
answer, be a good role model by admitting it and immediately 
researching it with someone more knowledgeable or on the Internet.

2. Attitude. According to a recent study, parents have more 
influence over their children than teachers, coaches, spiritual 
leaders, and even celebrities. Present a positive and anxiety-free 
attitude about school and communicate regularly with teachers to 
uncover any issues before they fester.

3. Visit. Visit the school web site and then physically visit the 
school with your child before the first day of school. A good 
checklist is to locate the classroom or homeroom first, and then 
the bathrooms, gym, cafeteria, and nurse's office. Make or print a 
map and go over it with your child before you visit. This works 
even if you're home schooling (who doesn't love maps?)!

4. Environment. Elementary school children typically do not 
concern themselves with clothes or accessories but they do want to 
know if they're in the right room, where to sit, what the teacher 
is like, and what the classroom rules are. Call or visit the 
school to find out and your child will have a stress-free first 

5. Special place. Teens need special attention because they have a 
lot of distractions (can you spell "puberty"?). Provide a special 
place in the house for homework that is well-lit and quiet, and 
give your teen a sign to put on the door that says something like 
"Do Not Disturb - Genius at Work."

Parents and students following these tips often give rave reviews 
of their back-to-school experience. And students are better 
prepared to focus on learning and all the joys that can bring!

In our next Tidbit we'll look at the law of commutativity.

The poetry(?) of math

A mathematician named Joe
Said, Really it just can't be so.
My wife, for her sins,
is about to have twins,
And 2 into 1 doesn't go!

Geometry keeps you in shape
Decimals make a point
Einstein was ahead of his time
But Lobachevski was out of line.

September 2007 Puzzler [Grades 3-12]
A fair coin is flipped three times and lands heads each time. 
What's the probability it will land heads the fourth time?

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with the correct answer and most interesting solution to be 
eligible to win this month's puzzler prize.

Answer to August 2007 Puzzler [Grades 7-12]
Q: What is the formula for the sum of the first n positive integers?
A: It's n(n+1)/2. The series 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, ... is built 
from this formula starting with n=1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ... and 
comprises the set of triangular numbers. Congratulations to 
Lindsay Branton from Adlai E. Stevenson High School for getting 
the right answer!

I hope you enjoyed this short math break!


Larry Shiller

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