Managing/Cataloging Files

Bahman M. b.movaqar at
Tue Aug 21 05:40:35 PDT 2007

> I would like to employ a system to store and maintain metadata about
> computer files.  It is clear to me that plain old file system
> hierarchies have serious shortcomings when you must consider long term
> retrievability.  I am looking for a glorified "card catalog" system.
> I've read about a bunch of content management systems in sourceforge,
> but they mostly sound like web specific tools (Lenya?).  I need to
> manage HTML as well as spreadsheets, a variety of text documents, and
> engineering models.

> The software I have in mind should manage files better than a hierarchy
> and it's got to manage better than arbitrary search and index.  It
> should use the filesystem that the host computer system uses (UFS,
> OpenAFS).  It should make a user's life better, especially when long
> term maintenance and retrievel are considered.

> What are the leading open source applications for this sort of card
> catalog software?  What is the geek-speak for this sort of software?
Alfresco is a J2EE based document management software using Tomcat as
the application server and MySQL as the database. It supports document
versioning and accepts documents (spreadsheets, word, presentations)
in OpenOffice format -not sure about engineering models. See for more information.

Hope it helps.


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