finding FreeBSD sysadmins

Omar Thameen omar at
Wed Mar 22 18:18:19 UTC 2006

Hi Folks,

I'm having difficulty finding FreeBSD sysadmins to fill a position,
and I was hoping y'all might have some suggestions.

I've recently moved to the Philadelphia area after 10 years in New
York, and I just can't find where the BSD folks are hanging out.
Specifically, I'm looking to hire a (Free)BSD systems administrator,
but am getting very little response from local resources like
Craigslist, the Philadelphia Linux Users Group (couldn't find a
Philly-BUG), and area schools.  Sadly, if you search for "philadelphia
freebsd," the top results are my job posts (the company is BIGLIST).
Of course, I've also posted to freebsd-jobs, but got only a couple out
of state/country replies.

So, my questions are these:

- Where do you look for job openings?

- Any other suggestions for finding candidates?  I'm trying Dice,
  but have only gotten one (poor) reply in a week.  Hotjobs and
  Monster have been mentioned to have a high ratio of unqualified
  responses.  Any similar or contrary experiences?


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