portable audio player >= 18Gb

Samuel Chow sct3690 at shaw.ca
Tue Aug 29 13:07:50 UTC 2006

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Subject: portable audio player >= 18Gb

> AFAIK, the only player that has more or less usable interface (the way I
> described) is the Cowon, model X5L. However, it'd be interesting to know
> if there are (or will be soon) any alternatives. Also, this player is not
> available locally, so I'd appreciate if someone who used it for a while
> could tell if they found anything bad about the device.

    I own a Cowon 30G X5 (not L), and I love it.  It plays FLAC with the
    original firmware -- an important feature that appeals to a quality
    freak like me.  The only inconvenient is that you need to attach a small
    subpack in order to charge and access the device.  I have more than
    once temporary misplaced this small piece of hardware.  Other than
    that, I absolutely love the X5.

Samuel Chow

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