apple moving to x86

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Thu Jun 9 18:35:10 GMT 2005

On Thu, 9 Jun 2005, John Baldwin wrote:

> > The *really* hot machine is going to be the OSX ABI supported under
> > FreeBSD and running Aqua.  I betcha this happens FAST.
> I doubt it would be fast at all if it even happens.  Unlike Linux,
> svr4, and ibcs2, OS X is not just a POSIXish UNIX kernel.  It also

Or Mac OS X moves to use the FreeBSD kernel. It seems like I have heard
this before.

What kernel-level Mac OS X/Darwin features does FreeBSD lack? Its file
system? File bundles?

Any websites that quickly list differences between features and drivers
for FreeBSD and Darwin?

I have to wonder if Apple internally and secretly is already testing
FreeBSD to run its Mac OS X.

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